Consider These 3 Tips for your Boone Wedding

December 20, 2019

So, you’re thinking of having a Boone NC wedding?

I got to say you’ve got the right idea! Boone just has this magical quality and I personally think it is a special little corner of the world. Boone is a hidden gem nestled in the Blue Ridge mountains of North Carolina, and everyone who visits here eventually falls in love.

While you’re planning your Boone NC wedding, here are three things to keep in mind:

couple celebrating their boone wedding in the rain

1. A weather backup plan

Boone is considered a temperate rainforest and the weather is completely unpredictable. Check your weather apps all you want, but Mother Nature almost always has different plans in store for us up here. If you’re planning on having an outdoor ceremony, make sure you have an indoor, Plan B option (just in case).

couple running down the Blue Ridge Parkway in Boone nc

2. Time to explore the Blue Ridge Parkway

I’m sure you’re planning on spending a couple of days in Boone for your wedding, but make sure you allot some time to visit the Blue Ridge parkway while you’re here. The Blue Ridge Parkway is called “America’s Favorite Drive” for good reason! Take a quiet moment with just you and your partner and go for a quick drive (or long drive) on the parkway. It’s a great way to really soak in all of the majestic beauty the Blue Ridge mountains have to offer.

couple enjoying their engagement at AMB (Appalachian Mountain Brewery)

3. Try the amazing food and breweries

Boone isn’t officially called a foodie town, but I would say differently. You can get any almost any kind of food that you want here, and all of the restaurants (and restaurant owners) are simply amazing. Cha Da Thai place to go for Thai food, Ransom has some of the best mixed drinks, the Cardinal has the best burgers in town (hands down), Sunrise Grill is the place to go for brunch, and Booneshine is by far my favorite brewery (you’ve gotta try the Tropicpale).

There are so many amazing and wonderful things about Boone North Carolina. It would be a shame if you came to visit JUST for your wedding and didn’t get a chance to explore anything that my little mountain town has to offer.

Still not enough Boone NC goodness for you?

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