June 2022
Who We Are
We’re newly engaged, addicted to travel, and spend all of our money on film, fuel, and flights (and kibbles). We love telling a good story, whether it’s our own or yours, which is why we shoot everything on film. We even met each other at a film photography meet-up! So it made a lot of sense to ditch the digital cameras and document real, genuine moments on a real, genuine format- 35mm film on analog cameras.
You can typically find us parked somewhere off-grid on the West Coast with our film cameras loaded. Or rock climbing in Vegas. Or writing emails in an airport.
Photo by Dylan Kitchener, of the Kitcheners.
Quiraing, Isle of Skye, Scotland
Where We're From

Short answer: Alex is from Ohio and I (Alexa) am from North Carolina

Long answer: Pretty much all over the place. Living in a van full-time gives us the freedom to constantly galavant around the states, so you could say we’re from Moab, Asheville, Grand Tetons, Vegas, or Cape Cod (to name a few).

St. George, UT
What We Love

There’s nothing we love more than the thrill of an early morning climb in Red Rock with our pup, Ranger, and ending the day with a cold beer and endless sushi in Vegas (the feeling of getting a killer shot on 35mm film is a close second). We live for travel, literally and figuratively, because love the unexpected moments that inherently come with travel and we’re not the stick-to-a-routine type.

Photography is just our way of saying “wow” to every beautiful thing we stumble upon, so we thought we’d pass that love along to you, reader, and capture your wedding day with that same kind of wow.

Yoho National Park, Canada
Our Why

We’re photographers because we believe there should be more creative diversity in the wedding photography world. It’s wrong and unfortunate that you, a wholly unique and diverse couple, are not met with an equally diverse market of photographers. You deserve more creative options that lean into “je ne sais quoi” (or beautifully haphazard) feeling photography. It’s dumb that you have to dig through site after site just to find something that feels a little different- we hope your search stops here.