Small Cabin and Blowing Rock Brewery Wedding | Taylor & Ethan

January 13, 2020

What’s not to love about a small mountaintop wedding, and then a reception at Blowing Rock Brewery?

Taylor and Ethan focused more about spending quality time with your closest friends and family rather than plan a big, giant wedding. I wholeheartedly commend them for doing that. Not only is planning a wedding hard, but planning a small wedding can be emotionally difficult too. If it was difficult, though, Taylor and Ethan defied all odds and created a seamless, easy going, and relaxed wedding day.

Lemme just stand up on my soap box for a second though and speak a little bit about why I love small weddings so much.

Your wedding day is just that- YOUR wedding day. It’s not a day meant to please anyone else, do something you don’t want to do, or be unauthentic to yourself. Sadly, I’ve seen how all to easy it can be to fall into this “wedding trap”. You end up creating a wedding day you stress over more than you enjoy. Literally no one wants that….so why do we keep doing it to ourselves? It makes NO SENSE.

If you’re worried your dream wedding might ruffle a few feathers- so what? The people who truly care about you the most are going to love you in the end.

Okay, I’ll step off my soap box now and love on Taylor and Ethan’s wedding just a little bit more.

They rented out this BEAUTIFUL log cabin for their wedding and they held the ceremony on the front porch. Afterwards, we all got together at Blowing Rock Brewery to get the party started! Both the log cabin and the brewery were in Blowing Rock, so it was really easy to get to and from point a to point b. The reception was lit by soft Christmas lights hanging from the large white tent. Honestly, it felt like I was living inside a movie.

Before I left, I took one long look at the amazing wedding I was leaving and wished I could stay all night.

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