Cozy Cabin Wedding in Boone, NC | Holly & Andrew

April 22, 2020

When I get married, I know for a fact that I’m most likely going to have a cabin wedding like Holly and Andrew’s. There’s a special atmosphere in the air when you gather your closest friends and family to celebrate your wedding with you, and a cozy cabin just brings the entire vibe together. I won’t write too much about how much I love a cabin wedding because this blog post isn’t a love letter to a house- it’s a love letter to all of you amazing souls.

COVID-19 is on everyone’s mind, as I’m sure it’s on yours. It’s easy to feel heavy and down during these times because it’s almost all everyone is talking about. I mean, heck, I’m talking about it right now and I’m adding to the collective. I’ve been cooped up inside for far too long and have been feeling bouts of cabin fever because of the stay-at-home order for NC. And what sucks even more is that I know I’m not alone in feeling this too- everyone is feeling it. So we’re all collectively feeling down in the dumps, cabin fever-ish, and downright not “normal.”

In my effort to combat against the constant message of “the world is in chaos”, I’ve decided to tune myself back in to my creative process and re-edit some old work of mine. But that’s just my way of coping! Have you rekindled your love for a past hobby? Or learned something new? (seems like everyone is making bread right now…). If you haven’t found ways to occupy your time at home, or if your mental health has taken a turn for the worst, I encourage you to take a moment to invest in your well being- in whatever form that may be! It could be scheduling a therapy appointment, looking in to meditation, getting your paints out the closet and making something…whatever your form of self care may be, you have more than enough time to invest in that 🙂

And if ya missed it, check out this wedding I just finished re-editing and am really proud of too.