Whimsical Blue Ridge Parkway Engagement Photos | Virginia & Evan

June 25, 2020

Virginia, you look like a goddess in this dress. Seriously. Before I had taken Virginia and Evan’s Blue Ridge Parkway engagement photos, I had never heard of these dresses. Each one is handmade and custom for everyone who orders one. I was completely enamored with the dress’s movement and flow. It was everything I wanted and hoped for in a dress! The dress isn’t mine but as a photographer, I couldn’t ask for a better dress for Blue Ridge Parkway engagement photos.

The Engagement Photos Experience

I met up with Virginia and Evan at the parking lot at Beacon Heights. Somehow I got there pretty early, and apparently so did they! We started our session about 30 minutes early and began our ascent up the trail. We chatted and laughed all the way up the 20 minute hike. Apparently, I came to find out that I’m waaaaaaay more out of shape than I originally thought I was. COVID has kicked. my. butt.

Once we got to the top, Virginia and Evan couldn’t believe the mountain views they were seeing. At the top of the trail, the forest abruptly stops and opens up to a wide rock face with a 180 degree view of the mountains. Looking out, you can see mountain ranges for miles and miles. That iconic Blue Ridge Mountain view is why I love recommending Beacon Heights for engagement photos.

The entire time we took photos we just hung out, sipped on some beers, and got some crazy amazing shots. I was blown away by how amazing Virginia’s dress flowed and caught the wind.

Wrapping up the Engagement Photos

When we finished up at Beacon Heights, we made the trek back down the trail and kept the party going back at their house. We cracked open another beer and took more engagement photos in their sun-soaked sun room. I wish I had a sun room like theirs. Virginia and Evan, I’m jealous of your mountain views right off your front porch.

We wrapped up our time together by heading out into town for some stellar Mexican food. In conclusion, queso dip and margs has gotta be the best way to end a night imo 😉