New Years Wedding Editorial

March 20, 2020

New Year’s is pretty rad, and so was this shoot. I love when creatives can come together to create images that wouldn’t normally happen otherwise. The collaboration and creative energy between everyone is so intoxicating. I literally cannot get enough of it. When people start bouncing ideas off one another and saying “what about this?” “Maybe we could try that” and so on and so forth, it creates an atmosphere of excitement and experimentation. I think the wedding industry needs a little bit more spontaneity.

Which is what influenced this shoot. I wanted to do something completely out of the norm by photographing these two hotties with flash, keeping certain things out of focus, shooting with a specialty lens (hello tilt shift), and just doing weird stuff. When my creative brain takes over, I also love getting funky with the posing and doing things you wouldn’t normally think. I pull a some inspiration from high fashion when I delve down that road.

So when The Crafted Space hosted this New Years wedding shoot, I was ALL.OVER.IT. Like I literally bought a ticket as soon as I could. The vendor team (listed below) knocked it out of the park. Not to mention the team at The Crafted Space. Holy heck do they do an amazing job at setting up wildly creative and different content for us creatives. Walking in to one of their shoots feels like walking into a vat of creative energy. And speaking of creative energy, if you’re in to this you might be into this minimalist and hella funky elopement.

Anywhosit, if you’re thinking about a New Years wedding with a twist, this might be right up your alley.

Vendor Team: