Dreamy Boho Cabin Ridge Wedding in Hendersonville NC | Thomas & Ashley

November 2, 2019

Thomas and Ashley’s wedding was one for the books. From the small and meaningful details to the jaw-droppingly beautiful sunset and live music, I didn’t want that night to end.

To give you a little big of background into how cool their wedding was, Ashley’s ring was made from the guitar string of their favorite band (okay seriously, how cool is that?!) AND they incorporated cabbage flowers into their floral arrangements and had a good friend of theirs play music during the reception. It was apparent from the getgo that they wanted their wedding to be as unique as they were- and they totally succeeded.

And I just have to talk about the venue a little bit here. I mean, The Cabin Ridge couldn’t have been a more perfect venue for their wedding. The sunset draped the mountains in soft, warm light and spilled over the expansive yard and rustic cabin. The atmosphere felt so warm and inviting that a smile couldn’t find a way to leave the entire night. From the ceremony to the reception, I don’t think any other venue would have this same kind of feeling.

The Cabin Ridge reminds me of some of the awesome camping trips I went on with my friends the past couple of summers. My good buddy Adam owns this plot of land nestled in the middle of the Blue Ridge and he and his family built 4 little cabins out there- 2 sleeping cabins, one outhouse, and one kitchen with an outdoor dinning room. No air conditioning or heating, nothing is stainless steel, and it has just the basics…but that’s the beauty of it.

Because of the simplicity, we focused more on the mountain views and spending time with each other. I think that’s part of the reason why I love The Cabin Ridge so much. I just get this feeling of nostalgia and sentimentalism every time I take a look at Thomas and Ashley’s wedding.

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