July 26, 2022

Polaroid Roundup

This post features a handful of my favorite Polaroids throughout the past 2 years of documenting weddings and elopements. It’s hard to choose favorites because I feel like each Polaroid I take is like a child of mine. However, I don’t do enough sharing on my work on my website or online and these deserve to see the light of day.

Each Polaroid is taken on a sonar SX-70, one of the first kinds of Polaroid cameras to ever hit the market. I shoot both 600 and SX-70 film in this camera, depending on the lighting scenario. I think most of these images were shot on SX-70, although I’m not quite sure.

Lately, I find myself gravitating to black and white SX-70 film because of its beautiful rendering of light. Something about it feels far more magical than color and it’s something I can’t really put into words. Ansel Adams, the man himself, shot black and white SX-70 Polaroids to frame his shots before committing to it on large format. So if he shot this film stock, then it was for a reason. I’m slowly discovering the magic of it myself and am excited to learn more about it the longer I shoot.

I hope you enjoy these photographs as much as I, and the people in them, do. And as you scroll, maybe you can see how your wedding or elopement would look on Polaroid, too.

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