"The details are not the details." Eames said this about the way he made chairs, and we think this same thinking applies to your wedding day too. We purposely seek out the tiny moments because they make up the big ones, and that philosophy informs the way we shoot.

Making unique and creative work for each and every couple is a part of our core beliefs as artists. Everything we do is personalized to who you are because it's what we would want for ourselves.

Our Approach
01 Experience is our priority Experience is our priority


Your photos are a reflection of your feelings, and how you feel about working with us will affect your images. Not only do you deserve to feel comfortable with your photographers, but the experience of working with us should also feel as effortless as catching up with an old friend.

You should feel like you’re taking a step back in time when you look back at your photos and fondly remember the moments surrounding them. Your photographers play a big role in that, so from the moment you inquire to the delivery of your photos/video, we take great care in getting to know who you are outside of the wedding headspace.

We genuinely care about you and your experience, which is why we only document 8-12 weddings or elopements a year.

We’re also obsessed with spreadsheets and try to set records with email responses. Hope that explains it. No one likes a train wreck business, including us.

02 Unique imagery for unique folk Unique imagery for unique folk

We all know that no two people are the same. So why would you want to be photographed like everyone else?

We treat your people like our people because the best images happen when the people in them trust the people taking them.

If you’ve looked at any of our work, you’ll notice that almost none of it looks the same, but it all still has this familiar feel. That’s because we don’t have a copy-paste formula for capturing candids or posed couples photos.

We make your photos feel like you.

03 Real moments = honest candids Real moments = honest candids
04 12+ years of experience 12+ years of experience

Alex and I have a combined 12+ years of experience documenting weddings and elopements around the globe.

The best photographs happen when you’re enjoying yourselves, being human, and basking in the joy of living. We’re enjoying it right alongside you and immortalizing it forever in time.

05 It all starts with a meet-cute It all starts with a meet-cute

In every good rom-com, there’s a meet-cute, which is when the main characters first meet. A workaholic from the big city goes back to her hometown and runs into the hot, muscular farmer on his way to get feed for the horses. He spills her coffee, she’s pissed, and somehow their fates are forever intertwined.

Meeting your wedding photographers/filmmakers isn’t as cinematic and scripted as that (you probably found me on google or insta, didn’t you?). But as you’re reading this, you’re already a part of this meet-cute with us!

Send us an inquiry, and let’s start this secondary romance (the first you have is with your fiance, duh).

06 All are welcome (of course) All are welcome (of course)

All love is welcomed and CELEBRATED! We believe all love is love. Blueberry Rocket Studios is a woman and LGBT-owned and operated business.


First off, let me tell you... All day today at work I was distracted because all I honestly wanted to do was write this email to tell you how much Andrew and I absolutely LOVE these photos... Seriously, words can't describe how much we adore every single frame. The 35 mm photos especially... They just so accurately capture that day how it felt in our hearts. We looked through them together last night and relived the whole thing. I honestly got emotional. From all the incredible little detail shots to the secret candid moments... Both you and Alex are true artists and *understood the assignment* as the kids these days say... haha! I'm going to be obsessing over these photos for a long time to come...Andrew's absolute favorites were the double exposure photos with him and the fern and the one of us at the waterfall. We were joking (kinda) that these would be perfect for his first album cover if he ever has one haha!


We receive an average of 20+ inquiries a month and book 8-12 weddings/elopements

per year. As much as we would love to work with you, we are only a team of 2 people and have to make hard decisions like these to preserve our creative process and still give an individualized and personal experience to the couples who work with us.


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