Super 8mm is a vintage video film format popularized in the 1960s and

70s. Created by Eastman Kodak, it was first used to capture home videos of your grandparents. It’s a gritty, messy portrayal of life and I use these old cameras to shoot Super 8 videos of

people in love. I don't have a copy-and-paste formal for these Super 8mm videos because it’s I make them as unique and authentic as you.


As a Super 8 wedding videographer, I don't make typical wedding videos and I don't want to. I like making videos that are different and unique to each couple I work with. The more unique, the better. That's my goal anyway.

So if you're interested in learning more about how I collaborate with you to make these Super 8 wedding videos, click the little buttons on the right and read on.

What people are saying
Alex & Lindsey

"OH MY GOD- there are no words to describe this preview! Literally no words… THANK YOU!"

Dan & Gaby

"Wow, you guys sure have a special knack for making holidays so much more meaningful for us. Since we know your fellow adventurous hearts would appreciate this detail about your delivery day— we were actually out on our kayaks when you sent our gallery. We got back to our campsite and settled for the most perfect night by the campfire, and viewed the photos from the comfort of our little tent. It was absolutely perfect.

Thank you for capturing every detail, emotion, and mood we experienced. We feel lucky to have found not only incredible artists but amazing humans to share in these sweet memories with us. We can’t wait to share these with everyone that was part of our unforgettable weekend in the mountains."

Aimee & Chelsea

"Alexa was totally amazing. From the first call, text, and meeting she was professional and exceeded our expectations. Her creativity and wit made us very comfortable and took away any nervousness we may have had. We aren’t used to getting our pictures taken, but from our engagement shoot to the wedding day, Alexa made us feel so at ease. She was creative and fit right in with our families. We not only got amazingly creative, one-of-a-kind shots, but we also made a lifelong friend."

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