The Experience
01 Honest To You Honest To You

Photos that feel authentic. Photos that are posed (but don’t look it). Photos you love and don’t hate and are fun to take. It’s my job to take your fire and feed the flame. Tell me about that trip to Taiwan, how you met in college, or that time he embarrassed you in front of your family. Your story is in good hands.

02 Trust & Friendship Trust & Friendship

A large part of being an intimate wedding photographer is really getting to know you. You’re inviting me into one of the most intimate and emotional days of your life. You want a photographer you can connect with. Someone laid back, down-to-earth, and is as flexible as can be (and not some weirdo that hangs out in the corner and doesn’t talk to anyone). Let’s hop on a Zoom call for happy hour and get to know each other. Hanging out is how friendship is built, right? Trust will follow 🙂

03 Redefining Standards Redefining Standards

As we all know, the idea of marriage was founded on tradition. Do this, do that, and definitely make sure you have something blue. But that’s not you. The idea of having to stick to tradition makes you sick. And guess what? You actually don’t have to do any of that. There are honest-to-god no rules about how you “should” and “shouldn’t” get married. The right way to get married is however you feel like it. And if you need someone to justify your decisions to your mom, you can give her my cell.

04 Making Memories Making Memories

Imagine your wedding day for just a second. The laughs, tears, hugs, and welcomes. You’re kind nervous but more excited. Your dress (or suit) is hanging in the closet just waiting for you. So while you’re anxiously waiting to say “I do”, I’m dipping in and out of the background, making friends with your friends, and sticking my camera in places it should be. I’m capturing the things you thought I didn’t see.

05 All are welcome All are welcome

LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC, you are safe here. You are welcomed with open arms. You are seen and important. You are celebrated.